Bringing Meaning to the Streetwear Game

Street wear, and just fashion in general, is something each member of the HN team is passionate about and the same is true for diversity and social activism, so the concept of a socially conscious, diversity-inspired brand came easy and was a natural fit from the jump . . . There are countless clothing brands that are successful, make dope clothes and are run by good people, but that ultimately have no meaningful cause behind them . . . I think we can all agree that the world doesn't need anymore of these brands . . . What the world needs now more than ever is more brands that are less worried about capitalistic gains and fame, and instead are built around important social causes . . . We need to change the paradigm around what makes a clothing company "dope" or "cool" . . . The new "cool" should be choosing to spend your money on a brand and a cause that means something to you and to society as a whole, and choosing to show that your personal values align with those of the brand you are supporting . . . And the new "dope" should be brands that push the normal boundaries of the fashion industry in order to promote important social causes . . . Thus the challenge, and the thing that pushes us to our limits every single day and inspires all of our work, is actually making this type of brand/business model a working reality that puts action behind words . . . We will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about how much we value diversity and social equality but we want to do more, we want to show the world HN's commitment to diversity and social equality through action, we want to make an actual difference . . . Hybrid Nation is not just a brand it is a lifestyle . . .

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