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Kellan McLemore

Posted on March 10 2017


Diversity . . . What a magnificent concept . . . Diversity is the essence of everything wonderful about the human race . . . Diversity is beauty . . . Diversity is the ultimate form of expression on the world's canvas . . . Diversity is strength . . . Diversity is the light shining in the face of prejudice and oppression . . . Diversity is more than skin color . . . Diversity exists in culture, dialect, religion, art, self-expression and many other aspects of life . . . Diversity is compassion . . . Diversity is every man and every woman . . . Diversity is love and acceptance . . . Diversity is us.

In order to make ourselves more aware of the endless diversity our world has to offer we must expose ourselves to individuals and groups representing a variety of ethnic, socio-economic, religious, sexual, and national identities. It is up to each and every one of us to consciously resist the natural tendency to close our minds to things in life that are different or even scary at first. We must refuse to turn our backs on those individuals and groups who are different from us. The true value of diversity can only be recognized through exploration of the differences that exist in others.

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