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Let's Talk!

Kellan McLemore

Posted on March 10 2017

Let's Talk!
An all too common occurrence that I have witnessed more times than I can count is the fatigued expression and tired eyes that sit upon the face of a white person after a conversation with a person of color about racism, even if it is only a brief conversation (which is usually the case). As if discussing race is taking a toll on every ounce of their being. As if they have grown weary of this topic that has lost relevance. As if racism was an issue for their grandparents and great grandparents and is no longer their burden to carry. Then I wonder if those same people ever stop and try to imagine how weary people of color must be with the seemingly never ending maltreatment of their brothers and sisters in this country. But then reality sets in and I realize that it is white people that must be truly exhausted. Exhausted by the countless time and effort put into the continuous opposition mounted against any meaningful discussion about race in this country. Those who have, and continue to, oppress others have taken it upon themselves to close down the space that should exist where open, honest and meaningful conversations about race can happen. AND WE ARE HERE TO TAKE THAT SPACE BACK. With every shirt we sell, with every curious passerby who asks about our brand because they notice our logo on a shirt, with every person we add to our movement, we are starting a conversation. Clothing may be a seemingly innocent medium, but when a brand is reinforced by a righteous purpose, something as simple as a t-shirt can become a powerful tool, capable of breaking down barriers and creating space for love and acceptance to prosper. One conversation is not enough. Two, three, or four conversations are not enough. We need to erase the stigma attached to conversations about race. We need to make a lot of people uncomfortable. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE VALUE OF DIVERSITY EVERY SINGLE DAY, BECAUSE FORCING THE CONVERSATION IS THE SUREST WAY TO CREATE REALITY!

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