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Our Story


Streetwear (and just fashion in general) is something all of the founders of HN are passionate about, and the same is true for diversity and social activism, so the concept of a socially-conscious, diversity-inspired, clothing brand came easy and was a natural fit from the jump.

There are countless numbers of clothing brands that are successful, that make dope clothes and that are run by good people, but that at the end of the day don't stand for anything - the world doesn't need anymore of these brands... What the world needs is more brands that are less worried about capitalistic gains and instead are built around important social causes... We need to change the paradigm around what makes a clothing company "dope" or "cool" - the new "cool" should be choosing to spend your money on a cause that means something to you, and to society as a whole, as a way to show that your personal values align with those of the brand you are supporting… And the new "dope" should be brands that push the normal boundaries of traditional industry standards...

So the main challenge and the thing that pushes us to our limits every day, and at the same time inspires all of our work day in and day out, is actually making this type of brand/business model a working reality that puts action behind words without asking the consumer to sacrifice the quality, type or value of the product they are interested in. We will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about how much we value diversity and social equality but we want to do more, we want to show the world our brand's commitment to diversity and social equality through action, we want to make an actual difference... This is what inspires us to get up and go to work everyday.


Our mission is to positively promote diversity and initiate conversations about social equality in order to work towards the creation of a more loving and accepting world. By initiating conversations about equality we intend to remind our society what equality means in the context of diversity – that is, the ability for every person to have an equal opportunity, without scrutiny or degradation, to express/showcase their differences and their diverse contribution to the human race. As a brand we envision the creation of a movement of forward-looking and open-minded individuals who are willing to join us in the promotion of diversity and the acceptance of all people. It is our hope that promoting the importance of diversity will allow current and future generations to dis-associate from antiquated stereotypes (race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc.) and overcome social and cultural boundaries so that the world can function peacefully as one world community.

We take pride in the fact that we are much more than your average clothing/streetwear brand because everything we do ties back to our socially conscious mission and values all of which are focused on social equality. In an effort to promote the importance of diversity and social equality, we not only talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. Although our primary function is as a for-profit clothing company, the core values that compose our identity as a brand and influence the way we operate as a business derive from our commitment to social change, our educational work and our social advocacy.


"In Diversity We Trust" - A simple, yet powerful concept that is meant to guide our thoughts, actions and behaviors in our day-to-day lives, as well as the way we interact with other members of society.


"Stay Hybrid": Stay Hybrid is not only our motto, but also the general philosophy behind all of the work we do. At the most basic level, Stay Hybrid represents a person’s commitment to stand up and be a champion for diversity and the values of love and acceptance of all people. Therefore, when you say “Stay Hybrid” or use the hashtag #StayHybrid on social media, you are not only showing where you stand, but you are also encouraging others to stand up and be champions for diversity.