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Frictionless Giving + Clothes You Want to Wear

Our purpose as a brand is to help create positive social change by using our platform to promote the importance of diversity, and by acting as a catalyst for on-going action & conversation focused on combating all forms of discrimination and oppression in order to achieve social equality for all people and create a more loving and accepting world.

The frictionless giving process that is revolutionizing the consumer experience, bringing meaning to the fashion industry and making the world a better place one clothing item at a time.


“You shop, we give. It's a simple yet powerful concept.”

"We intend to fulfill our purpose and bring about our desired social change by encouraging consumers to use the power of their dollar to make a positive impact and by removing any barriers preventing them from doing so. That way we are facilitating an increase in overall participation in the Giving Economy, which ultimately allows us to provide more financial support to initiatives + non profit organizations doing the hard work to bring about change." - Co-Founder, Kellan David

Our mission is to encourage more consumers to participate in the Giving Economy, and social activism in general, by creating an inclusive and frictionless giving process that is built into our standard customer shopping experience AND by selling premium quality clothing that people want to wear and making it affordable so that consumers don’t have to sacrifice quality or style in order to support a purpose-driven brand whose values align with their own. 


It is our hope that increased participation in the Giving Economy, combined with a focus on promoting the importance of diversity and removing barriers to social equality, will allow current and future generations to become more accepting of all types of people, dis-associate from antiquated stereotypes concerning race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc.

And if we can overcome these artificial and detrimental social and cultural boundaries, then we believe that humans will be able to achieve their highest potential as a species and live in a world in which love, compassion, justice and equality are the cornerstones of society.


Product features


Premium Quality, Affordable Price

The quality and design of our clothing is on par with any major streetwear & lifestyle brand in the world, but it is extremely important to us and to the success of our mission to make products that are affordable for individuals of all income levels.

We don't sell the cheapest products on the market because slightly higher price points allow us to donate more of the revenue from sales, but we do offer a wide range of products at various price points, all of which are high quality with a heavy focus on comfort and design. 


Every Purchase Has An Impact

Our philanthropic model at Hybrid Nation includes donating a percentage of revenue from sales, recurring monthly donations to high priority causes/organizations, and one-time donations tied to various campaigns and/or events going on throughout the year.

Although we always remain committed to making charitable donations, the amount donated at any given time may vary depending on the financial health of the company. To-date we have donated to +25 nonprofit organizations.



Hybrid Nation's business operations & products are 100% carbon neutral. We take steps to reduce our emissions by using recycled materials for our products whenever possible, by creating high quality + durable products and by being mindful of our footprint, but we also pay to offset our emissions from things like manufacturing and shipping.

When it comes to sustainability practices, we may not be completely sustainable at this point in time, but we are hyperaware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and we are working towards our goal of achieving 100% sustainable operations. While we are working on that goal we are providing on-going donations to organizations working to reduce plastic pollution and waste from manufacturing.