Every purchase today is a vote for a more loving and accepting tomorrow

We dedicate time, resources, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale towards working with youth in local communities, as well as global initiatives directly related to our cause. Because of this we are able to empower our customers by giving them the ability to make a net positive impact on the world with every purchase they make.  

Bringing meaning to the game

Love will always conquer hate

The Motto Part 1

The Motto Part 2

Stay Hybrid is not only our motto, but also the general philosophy behind all of the work we do. At the most basic level, Stay Hybrid represents a person’s commitment to stand up and be a champion for diversity and the values of love and acceptance of all people. Therefore, when you say “Stay Hybrid” or use the hashtag #StayHybrid on social media, you are not only showing where you stand, but you are also encouraging others to stand up and be champions for diversity.

Diversity needs to be talked about everyday